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Organisational Strategy & Consulting

We understand clearly the need to link and align all HR strategy with business strategy and objectives, and across all of this we are mindful of the business risks.

We provide strategy advice across the whole functional range of organisational consulting. We can advise and help develop organisation specific policies and practices that provide clarity to the day-to-day people management. We are careful to ensure that these are aligned with and support any business culture, strategies and objectives as well as reflecting best practice trends.

We have risk/audit tools which are designed to provide information that feeds into strategy. We work as advisors to Boards, wearing the HR hat - ensuring that HR strategy and risks are appropriately at the board table. We work as HR advisors/sounding boards for CEOs and executive managers.

HR Advice & Support

We focus on providing practical solutions – often at short noticeand in complex situations. We understand clearly the need to link and align all HR strategy with business strategy and objectives, as well as the importance of linking the "how" to "what" the desired outcomes are.In addition to advice we can “roll our sleeves up” and help managers deal with the HR issues, either as specialist consultantsto clients own HR teams or as outsourced HR advisors. We have developed an HR audit tool which feeds back into HR planning.

Employment Documentation

We have extensive experience, with many years of "wisdom with hindsight" in developing employment documentation. We work in conjunction with specialised employment lawyers, to be able to provide robust, workable, easy-to-read and legally compliant employment documents tailored to your organisation. The suite includes:

Application Forms
Employment Agreements (permanent, temporary and casual)
Letters of Offer
Policies / Employee Handbooks
Induction Processes
Employee Records
Contract for Services – Independent Contractor

We are able to assist with the preparation and implementation of updated documentation for existing and new staff where required. This is a never-changing area of the law and we are proactive in providing ongoing information and updates as legislative changes occur. We provide regular reviews of documentation for our clients. Our philosophy is to create a sound platform to manage the employment relationship that in simple English provides clarity and useful information to both parties.

Change & Restructuring

This has been an area of strength. The strategy, planning with key managers is critical to successful restructuring. It can save considerable financial and human costs, minimise legal challenge sand employee dissatisfaction, and minimize business risk. We are proud of our professional reputation with the Unions, built from interaction during consultative processes.

We have spent considerable time developing models to assist with these processes, and have focused outplacement programs (group and individual) that help individuals effectively exit your organisation and re-establish their careers, in reduced timeframes.

We have developed expertise in the area of "revitalisation" of retained staff after change, helping with stabilisation and rebuilding processes after change. We are able to advise and train managers and have designed programmes that we tailor to suit the organisation and situation. There is a range of delivery options with these. We believe this is a key area of change management, often not given enough attention, but which offers great value to the organisation.

“Wilde & Freeman's depth of expertise, professionalism and focus on positive outcomes, has been invaluable in helping to ensure the on-going strength and success of our business”
Managing Director and client of over 15 years
“We wouldn't feel comfortable trusting anyone else to represent our company in legal matters”
Helen McNaught — Patent Law Client

Conflict Resolution

We can advise and assist with the resolution of difficult staff situations, independent investigation of harassment allegations and negotiated exits, all of which can create major problems and risks for organisations.

Our experience in this area is extensive and we have a reputation for achieving results. We are able to assist clients with strategy and the cost-effective execution of solution strategies. We work closely with our legal partners inthese situations.

An area of specialist expertise is providing advice on problem situations of poor performance or conduct. We can coach managers or directly conduct or facilitate the process until an outcome is reached. We advise on how to minimise business and legal risks in these situations.

We can help identify and discuss solution outcomes, the risks and implications.We have on our team LEADR trained mediators.

Health & Safety

This is a critical area that every organisation needs to understand and ensure that the legal obligations are complied with. Good employers do more than just comply with Health and Safety legislation; they encourage "best practice" approaches. This is a key area of business risk that often requires specialist input to set up and review from time to time We have expert knowledge and experience to ensure that this area of compliance is met.

We are able to assist with risk assessment, audits and policy formulation, documentation of policy and practices, training of managers and supervisors and the implementation of these initiatives in the work place at a variety of levels.
We have developed an effective audit tool to look at how your current HR and H&S policies and practices are supporting the business objectives and resource allocation. Our audit tools provide a scorecard and identify improvements and opportunities.  They are evidence based and a key design component to satisfy executive board level reporting.
We also collaborate with other third-party specialists to address issues in this area.

There is a proven correlation that a commitment to safety improves employee productivity and well-being.

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